WOW! a little more then a month out of college and I'm sort of missing it. There are some pretty cool stuff going on in my life, including new job, and new art projects. But for now I'll let you guys see what I showed for my commencement show. As you guys might remember there were a couple patterns that I made inspired by The GAGA!! check this out on bathing suits!
There is a third screen print that completes the series for now, but have not document it yet.
let me know what ya'll think.


Here is my new pattern for my Lady GaGa Pattern. Inspired by the music video "Telephone", soon to be printed on a swimsuit!


SO! I finished the second Latin Music Icon last week and just got to scan it in a few days ago. Here is the result. Her name is Rocio Durcal and is one of my favorite performers of the 21st century. She was very dramatic and flamboyant in the way she dressed and acted, but with a hint of chic.
All this of course is secondary to her unmatched voice.


Here is a small preview of what the "Bad Romance" patterns would look like as yards of fabric. Of course I'm printing on a two-piece bikini... only appropriate... right?
Let me know what ya'll think. I'll post the other Lady Gaga Inspired pattern tomorrow


So I changed my thesis. I know is late in the game, but I haven't made things that make me as happy as the new direction I've taken. The new body of work will feature Latin American music Icons such as the great Celia Cruz, Rocio Durcal, Tito Fuentes, and maybe Thalia or Selena. I'm also going to do some North American music Icons like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Madonna, Celine Dion, Dolly Parton. These are some of the one's I've been considering and will pick and choose which I end up doing. Here is the first of the Latin American Icons. The great Celia Cruz. AZUCAR!!!


Alright I've come up with a couple different color pairings for the gaga pattern I've been working on. Here are my two favorite ones. Let me know which one you think would be better for a blue bathing suit. uhm... the bikini part of a two piece bathing suit lol. you'll see later.


SO. I've been working on a lady gaga venture for my independent study this semester. I've started with the "Shockqueen" piece, but I've moved on to fabric pattern designed after images found in her videos, and or things that make me think of her.
Here is a sketch for a pattern I'm going to re-print on fabric. I'm working on color studies now.