First post in 11 months and last post of the year! way to go me!
new years resolution: update this blog at least once a month.

(but I did make new improvements. let me know what you think of that)

ok ok. so as the year ends I'd like to wish everyone a healthy and prosperous new year.

Here are some stuff i did in 2009.

This piece i did in Italy around march 09. It is an 8 color screen print, this is one of eight that I have I did a few more but I was really content with this piece. I'm trying to see if this is possible through photoshop... we'll see.

For my Studio Remix Design/Web class I created a poster for my fake exhibit. The goal was to create a composition which broke away from the grid. Using one of my ink illustrations for the background.
This Fall semester I took Typography one and it was a lot of fun. Here is an example of second to last piece i did for that class, where we were to create a weather poster that was either informational or illustrative... needless to say I failed to achieve either extreme. But I learned to appreciate the balance in this poster. (the poster had to include the date, for which its Nov. 6. I didn't come up with this format till after two weeks of sketches)


alissandra seelaus said...

noel, i love that blonde!! is she a part of your thesis? are there more more more?!

HnoelH said...

she is one in a series of eight. I'm trying to figure this out without having screens to do it in. :(
SO you might see more illustrations in this style.
Thnx for the enthusiasm!