So I have been going out and exploring A LOT! and I have come across many forms of graffiti but this one stood out the most. It is very elaborate and not very legible but I might be working from it.

I'm interested in patterns and hopefully incorporate colors that I observe around the city and include it in my work. Find my niche color pallet maybe?!? Any who... everywhere I turn I see beautiful decorative patters that i want to work with/copy.

Some of my work here will include paintings or drawings (however you want to interpret these) which will be very loose in nature, but layer detail over it. Using tracing paper over these type of drawings or paint right on top... idk yet, I'll experiment lots.
I'm hoping to do many little drawings like these and expose them as a big piece, then take the ones I enjoy the most and enlarge them to decorate with patters and color.

Finally, in my Serigraphy class we are doing a couple of screen prints on paper and one on fabric. The first will be on paper and will have two colors, but the illustration must deal with our feeling or our dealing with the city of Florence. I'm taking a more humoristic approach where i wanna have myself in some funny hat, showing off the Duomo with some crazy pattern in the background. Colors are still up for grab. I'm thinking it over right now. I still need to decide how the colors will layer and mix... updates to come. (sorry for the picture being on it's side)


alissandra seelaus said...



way to go, man.

Anonymous said...

noel! how areeeee youuuuuu. i have no computer (as in, no mac AND no family PC EITHER), so times are tough on the communication side. however, i'm taking relief printmaking AND screenprinting at Univ. of Hawaii, oh and one lit class, whatever haha, but yeah. hope you are having an awesome time with emma in florence. tell her i say hi!!!!