Clock 1: painting additively on to the paper, and then cutting it up to be placed on the sanded background.

Clock 2: Acrylics layered and then sanded after the layers dried.

Clock 3: Acrylic layered colors, and sanded while wet.

Clock 4: Ink layered many many times on top of dry wall grid tape to create the texture, then sanding down some, and finally details with more ink.

Clock 5: Made with gouache then drained in running water to create the burned look.

Clock 6: This one was more fun because I got to play around with ink and mess up then rebuild it as a collage, which gave me a nice texture. This is quite out of ordinary for my kind of work, but I enjoyed it and might explore it more in the future. oh! it is ink and gloss/matte mediums.

Clock 7: Made with gouache washes.

Clock 8: I'm pretty happy with this one too, because it pushed me out of my comfort zone. It was done after a Sam Weber visit to our class and a demo with watercolor/rubber cement. It took forever to create the dark colors through layering, but I'm overall pleased.

Ok, so these are clocks made in my Media Kitchen Wet class, and some are not here, cuz they are not documented or just not cool enough.

Oh! yeah, and this was my final.

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