It's time

Ok, so it's now, what?, summer before my junior year at the Maryland Institute College of Art and I still do not have a website nor blog for my work. Well, I finally decided to push my butt out of bed and get started. To start off, I'm known as Noel but my whole name is Hilcias Noel Hernandez, and because I don't really want to be called by my first name I named this blog HNoelH. This is still kinda weird for me, but there are a lot of Noels out there so I prefer this. Uhm, well I don't know what I should show first. lets see, I could start with High School work, but I won't break your computer screens by showing you that stuff. So i'll just crack your screens a bit, with some freshmen work. keep in mind these are pieces done in foundation year and are not cohesive. (there aren't that many)

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